How to Survive a Global Collapse (2/24/2016)

The human species, led by white Europeans and Euro-Americans, has been on a 500-year-long planetwide rampage of conquering, plundering, looting, exploiting and polluting the earth—as well as killing the indigenous communities that stood in the way. But the game is up. The technical and scientific forces that created a life of unparalleled luxury—as well as unrivaled military and economic power for a small, global elite—are the forces that now doom us. The mania for ceaseless economic expansion and exploitation has become a curse, a death sentence. But even as our economic and environmental systems unravel, after the hottest year [2012] in the contiguous 48 states since record keeping began 107 years ago, we lack the emotional and intellectual creativity to shut down the engine of global capitalism. We have bound ourselves to a doomsday machine that grinds forward. Chris Hedges

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Republicans seem determined to make their vision of apocalypse for the planet a reality. They have a number of strategies for accomplishing it:

The trickle-up economy has been propelled by oligarchs gaming the system, forcing wages and benefits down, but also by tax cuts, union busting, corruption, corporate friendly legislation, and deregulation. Deregulation, as Republicans fashioned it, caused a sharp decline of democracy, a surge to plutocracy, a carnival of corporate corruption, takeover of the economy by the financial sector, and there is no end in sight for it.

We need to relearn the lessons of the great depression. Massive speculation, extreme income inequality, and inadequate social programs guarantee a poor economy and withering democracy.

Corporate governance has structural problems. That explains why CEO compensation is so extreme, why they can game the political process, why they can block labor organizing, why workers are not represented in decisions, why they can ignore the cost of externalities, why they can ignore their stakeholders (like the communities in which they operate, the democratic voices of their investors, and the public), and, thanks to a Corporate supremecist Supreme Court decision they need only concern themselves with their own profit. A (corporate) person only concerned with profit is a sociopath. Such persons run our political process and our government. We have, according to studies, an oligarchy.

Although there is no mention of it in the history textbooks, the US military is a security force for multi-national corporations and has taken action on their behalf many times.

Corporate greed and fast-track trade policy result in American workers competing with third-world wage rates. Automation may have some benefits, but it also has the effect of eliminating jobs, depressing wages, most likely bring us massive unemployment, universal surveillance and extreme income inequality.

Corporate entities own our media and they have successfully kept climate change out of public discussion. But CO2 is at record levels and will persist for centuries, ice caps will melt, glaciers and mountain top snow will disappear causing huge populations to lose fresh water. There will be mass migration, and resource wars (probably nuclear).

There are limits to growth and we have already exceeded them. Population is already beyond the carrying capacity of the planet,
but traditional religions continue to advocate for 'pro-life' policy. There is no discussion of population control.

Energy - The Republican approach to energy is characterized by maximum pumping. The world has probably reached peak oil production as predicted. 

Global Warming - Although oil companies and their paid minions still argue that global warming is not an issue, massive forest fires, strong storms, melting ice caps, collapsing fisheries, drought, pollution, extinctions and other environmental threats are persuasive. There is little doubt in the science community.

Massive health problems are likely. Public health agencies have been undermined even as a large part of the population goes without coverage. Republicans worked strenuously to break (privatize) Social Security. Your children will have virtually no social supports except the "faith based" ones so well described in Angela’s Ashes.

Disease - militarization of biological agents has taken precedence over public health. Simple techniques to monitor public health go unfunded.

Education is an important part of media, and must be controlled to make sure that theocracy can not trump science. Don't complain about sub-standard education, Republican ideologues assured that real science will not be taught in U.S. schools. Neither is history (See Lies My Teacher Told Me: James W. Loewen)

Elections have been rigged without causing public outcry. The CIA has experience rigging elections worldwide, we should have expected it sooner or later here. Control of the media is an essential part of election rigging and it is necessary to sell war. A large, well-funded part of our government operates in secret, without effective oversight, acts on its own in ways the public would never approve, and it supports undemocratic government world-wide including here in the U.S.

Environmental safeguards are not being heeded. The mendacious Bush administration massively attacked environmental legislation. Increasingly concentrated media assures people that they are destroying the earth for good moral reasons. There is a fire sale on the earth.

Religion can motivate people to destroy themselves for the promise of the afterlife.  An apocalypse will validate Republicans religious views, so they are willing for it to happen.  Religion, like media, can deny science and make it appear that business as usual is fine.

We have, by far, the world's largest military...but we can no longer keep our infrastructure in repair.

Nuclear War - We withdrew from the ABM treaty, embarked on a breathtakingly stupid Ballistic Missile Defense program, and provoked a new arms race that threatens us from a proliferation of nuclear countries. The US is building a trillion dollar new round of nuclear weapons.  

Over Population - Republicans don't believe in family planning, birth control, gay marriage, or other population limiting options. They are quite willing to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of us. Even if it means apocalypse. After all, they are expecting it and it validates their deepest beliefs. Being climate change deniers , they are like Jim Jones, only on a planetary scale.

Either mass mobilization or a responsive government might address some of these problems, but neither is likely, so...we are headed for destruction.

See election 2016.


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