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"Right now as I speak the federal government offers far lower interest rates for loans every single day. They just don’t do it for everyone. Right now the Big Bank can get a loan through the Federal Reserve discount window at a rate of about three quarters of one percent. but this summer a student who’s trying to get a loan to go to college will pay almost seven percent. In other words, the fed gov is going to charge interest rates nine times higher than the rate they charge the biggest banks. The same banks that destroyed millions of jobs and nearly broke the economy. That isn’t right. And that’s why I’m introducing legislation today to give students the same deal that we give the banks." Elizabeth Warren
about 30 years ago, corporate interests began their highly organized, well-funded effort to privatize public education, you wouldn't have read or heard about it. They didn't want to trigger the debate that such a radical change in an important institution warranted. Truthout
"The Waltons (owners of Wal-Mart) have long supported efforts to privatize education through the Walton Family Foundation as well as individual political donations to local candidates. Since 2005, the Waltons have given more than $1 billion to organizations and candidates who support privatization. They’ve channeled the funds to the pro-charter and pro-voucher Milton Friedman Foundation for Education Choice, Michelle Rhee’s pro-privatization and high-stakes testing organization Students First, and the pro-voucher Alliance for School Choice, where Walton family member Carrie Walton Penner sits on the board. In addition to funding these corporate-style education reform organizations, since 2000 the Waltons have also spent more than $24 million bankrolling politicians, political action committees, and ballot issues in California and elsewhere at the state and local level which undermine public education and literally shortchange students." Bill Moyers
Charlie Savage writes (in his book Takeover) "In August 2004, Education Department researchers released a surprising study of test scores showing that students at charter schools were performing worse than comparable students at regular public schools. The findings were a disappointment for those in the Bush-Cheney administration who favored charter school funding. Less than two weeks later, Education Department decided to sharply cut back on the information collected about charter schools." (This pattern of suppression of ideologically unfavorable information was frequently seen in the Bush administration and Savage details some of it.)
"We are living in an era when the very idea of public education is under attack, as are teachers' unions and the teaching profession. Let's be clear: these attacks and the power amassed behind them are unprecedented in American history. Sure, there have always been critics of public schools, of teachers, and of unions. But never before has there been a serious and sustained effort to defund public education, to turn public money over to unaccountable private hands, and to weaken and eliminate collective bargaining wherever it still exists. And this effort is not only well-coordinated but funded by billionaires who have grown wealthy in a free market and can't see any need for regulation or unions or public schools." Diane Ravitch (7/2/2014)
"Want to Borrow Money From the Government ? Don't be a Student. Be A Bank." Elizabeth Warren
"In Finland, for instance, citizens are entitled to state funded educational, medical, and welfare services, literally from the cradle to the grave. Finns pay nothing, ever, for education, including both infant and child care as well as medical and law school_ to say nothing of their monthly stipend for expenses. And they produce perhaps the best educational test results in the world. (This is true even though they don't go in for standardized tests.) According to 2003 OECD surveys, Finland ranks no 1 in student reading ability, no 1 in student science ability, no 2 in student problem-solving ability, and no 2 in student mathematics ability. The United States, by contrast, ranks no 12, no 19, no 26, and no 24 respectively. See the OECD report. (From Eric Alterman's book: Why We're Liberals.)
If we were an equal opportunity society, we would also fully, publicly fund higher education for qualified students. Scandinavian countries do this and, not surprisingly, their educational outcomes are the best. The US ranks near or at the bottom. See UNICEF report, The Children Left Behind.
"The idea that inequality is justified as a reflection of differences in merit cannot reasonably be applied to children. Few would deny that children’s early circumstances are beyond their own control. Or that those early circumstances have a profound effect on their present lives and future prospects. Or that growing up in poverty incurs a substantially higher risk of lower standards of health, of reduced cognitive development, of underachievement at school, of lower skills and aspirations, and eventually of lower adult earnings, so helping to perpetuate disadvantage from one generation to the next. None of this is the fault of the child." (From the UNICEF report)
What we are witnessing today is the Walmartization of American education, an effort to uproot neighborhood schools and Main Street businesses and outsource their management to chain schools and chain stores run by anonymous corporations. If they do not make their bottom line, they may pull up their stakes and abandon the community, leaving it bereft, as many chain stores and charter chains have already done. Conservatives protect their community and its institutions. There is nothing conservative about the chain-store mentality that is now being introduced into the control of schooling." Diane Ravitch, Reign of Error pg 321
It is interesting - you find in the United States, there is a kind of anti-education hostility. It's the sort of Sarah Palin constituency which does seem to actually be hostile to the New York, Boston, San Francisco educated elite. You know, 'We good plain folks from the middle of the country are just as good as you pointy-headed intellectuals.' Richard Dawkins

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Republicans are determined to privatize the public schools. They call it school choice and they will tell you that charter schools perform better than public schools. Except they don't. When confronted with the evidence, the Bush administration decided to stop collecting the data.

Compare other privatized sectors: find oligarchy, expensive services,  downsizing, corruption, off-shoring where possible, ...

American healthcare, for example, is the most expensive in the world, doesn't work well, and doesn't even cover everyone. Republicans reject even the most minimal reforms.

Vote Republican and lose public schools.

Note from Elizabeth Warren 9/15/2014

Back in June, the Senate had its first vote on our Bank on Students bill to let people refinance their older student loans to today's lower rates. We got a majority – every Democrat, every Independent, and even three Republicans voted for the bill to proceed. But we were two votes short of the 60 we needed to move forward.
Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans need to drop their filibuster and give us a vote.

It's time to get to work. Call your senators – either from the state you live in, or the state you (or your kids or grandkids) go/went to school in. It only takes a minute: Call, tell the person that answers your name, where you're from or where you go/went to school, and that you support the Bank on Students Act to refinance student loans.

Please call your Senator.


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