"Political power grows at the barrel of a gun." Mao Tse-tung

Would Jesus Love Guns and be a Republican ?

The best way to take action to reduce gun violence: throw out the NRA supporting Republicans.

SCOTUS, ignoring the original Second Amendment phrase "A well regulated militia", ruled that people have robust, personal gun rights, so why be surprised that police want protective gear. It's a new arms race between people and the police. Charles Derber had it right is his book: The Wilding of America.

The GOP is committed to unlimited funding for the US world's largest military. Not coincidentally, the US is also the world's largest arms supplier. As a result, the arms industry is well funded and powerful. The NRA is its subsidiary. Of the 307 legislators receiving NRA support, 92% of them are Republicans.

The arms industry, recipient of the blank check from the US taxpayer, is the leading cheerleader for our endless war. It uses the same tactics that the tobacco industry developed to sell arms to the citizenry. The US by comparison to other countries has, as a result, become a shooting gallery. Safety is NOT improved.

In response, police have been militarized. We have a new arms race: police vs people armed with advanced weapons.

Republicans have opposed the most basic gun safety initiatives. Credit them and their NRA allies for the arms race between the police and the 'gun owners', for the new need for armed guards at our schools, for the wild shootouts on the streets, for the increased suicides, and the tragic increase in deadly domestic violence.

The gun nuts, The Tea Party subsidiary of the GOP, in their zeal, completely miss that they are working against their own self-interest and rapidly losing most of their actual civil liberties.

The loosening of the Second Amendment may lead to the loss of every other right. Increasing security is apparent everywhere. Schools shootings have had the effect of placing police in schools, locking them down. Security procedures have been put in place in many places including movie theatres, casinos, and even sports events, but especially airports. Police have been militarized and a vast national security apparatus has been created to surveil the citizenry. Anyone different is suspect.

Yes, the US IS exceptional... in gun violence.

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“If the Republican Party would rather work for the NRA than the American people and if they won’t do their jobs to keep our children safe, then somebody else has to step up,” Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).
"Loaded recognizes the central truth about our 'gun culture': that the privileged place of guns in American law and society is the by-product of the racial and class violence that has marked our history from its beginnings." Richard Slotkin, author of Gunfighter Nation: The Myth of the Frontier in Twentieth-Century America
So many people die annually from gunfire in the US that the death toll between 1968 and 2011 eclipses all wars ever fought by the country. According to research by Politifact, there were about 1.4 million firearm deaths in that period, compared with 1.2 million US deaths in every conflict from the War of Independence to Iraq. Source: Politifact.
"...the Second Amendment is not an important aspect of modern liberal democracy. It does not protect or defend the rights of citizens; to the contrary, it results in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths every year. One might even be tempted to conclude the opposite: that the Second Amendment presents a challenge to liberal democracy because it enables "lone wolf" terror, mobilizes counterterror agents, necessitates heavily armed police, and perpetrates a level of violence and murder not found in an other democracy ot the world" Democracy Betrayed : William W Keller
Two years ago, a group of doctors wrote in the Annals of Internal Medicine: "It does not matter whether we believe that guns kill people or that people kill people with guns - the result is the same: a public health crisis." In the war zone of the E.R., we don't see partisanship or politics. We see the devastation that happens when our society normalizes tools of total bodily destruction." Leanna Wen NYT 6/17/2017
"The hidden agenda of right-wing militias, the Tea Party, the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party, the National Rifle Association, and the survivalist cults is the ensure that guns will keep the home and family from being overrun by the crazed black hordes that will escape from their colonies in our urban slums. The mother of Adam Lanza, who carried out the Newtown massacre after first killing her, was a survivalist; she had stockpiled weapons in her home for impending social and economic collapse. Scratch the surface of the survivalist cult in the United States and you expose terrified white supremacists." Chris Hedges, Wages of Rebellion pg 180
...gun legislation requiring a background check before one could purchase a firearm... had as high as 90 percent public backing, but was voted down in a congress swimming in gun lobby money. Hayes concluded, "In fact, it sounds like the textbook definition of oligarchy, of government by the few." The wealthy few. Chris Hayes quoted in Fair Blog
Since terrorists struck the U.S. on 9/11/2001, more than 300,000 Americans have lost their lives to guns—more than 100 times as many people as the number who died when the World Trade Center fell. We’ve spent well over a trillion dollars fighting terrorism, but we live with the threat of random terror in our schools and on our streets on any given day. That’s just the price we pay for “freedom,” I guess. Or so the NRA would have us believe, as they corrupt our politicians and subvert popular support for gun control sanity. Smirking Chimp: 12 Signs America Is Insane By Jaime O'Neill
"After a shoe bomb attempt in 2001, shoes often have to be removed at airports. A failed liquid bomb attempt meant restrictions on liquids being taken onto planes. Could the United States please explain why after almost daily mass shootings in your country, no action is taken? Are shoes and shampoos really more dangerous than guns?" MALCOLM BYRNE Gorey, Ireland (Letter to the New York Times 10/3/2015)
As someone who grew up in a place where guns designed to kill people are more or less banned and where no one feels that some essential freedom has been lost (on the contrary, freedom from fear is cherished) I often wonder what it will take for Americans to absolutely reject the groups like the NRA, all their ideas, and anyone who supports their morbid, necrophiliac love of an element of the constitution that is anachronistic, poorly written, unclear, and insanely stupid given modern weaponry. After which, we could actually start to do something to save the approximately 30,000 lives lost to gunshot wounds every year, many of them children. Mathew Chapman.
"As Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, one of his followers drew a sword and struck the servant of the High Priest. Jesus immediately said to him, "Put your sword back into its place; for all who take the sword will perish by the sword. (Mathew 26:52)"

Gun culture now rules U.S. values and has a powerful influence in shaping domestic policies. The National Rifle Association is the emerging symbol of what the United States has come to represent, perfectly captured in T-shirts worn by its followers that brazenly display the messages “I hate welfare” and the biblical-sounding message “If any would not work neither should they eat.” The celebration of guns and violence merges in this case with a culture of cruelty, hatred, and exclusion. The National Rifle Association begins to resemble a regime of terror as politics and violence become an inseparable part of its message and the most important mediating force in shaping its identity. The relationship Americans have to guns may be complicated, but the social costs are less nuanced and certainly more deadly. In a country with “90 guns for every 100 people,” it comes as no surprise, as Gary Younge points out, that “more than 85 people a day are killed with guns and more than twice that number are injured with them.” The merchants of death trade in a formative and material culture of violence that causes massive suffering and despair while detaching themselves from any sense of moral responsibility. Social costs are rarely considered, in spite of the endless trail of murders committed by the use of such weapons and largely inflicted on poor minorities and young people." Henry A Giroux
I was shocked, as everybody else was, of course. One has to ask oneself about these particular young people and their families. But as with all the other school shootings, it was a fact also that the young people who got involved in them almost all seemed to have a fascination for media violence. They also had access to guns. They obviously were troubled human beings, and this could be seen from the beginning." Sissela Bok

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A long time ago, when movie admission was less than a dollar, Western movies played frequently. The typical story: lawless towns were unsafe for ordinary families because of rogue gangs and rampant gun violence.

At the climax, the hero would out draw the black hats, restoring peace to the community. Finally, guns would have to be checked with the sheriff or not be allowed in the town.

That story does not play much any more, gun industry tactics are from the tobacco industry playbook, media is playing with our heads, but the old story is from a wiser time when our national politics weren't so dysfunctional.

Guns are much more destructive now, and there are loud voices to allow them everywhere. It is disturbing that these loud voices want to achieve with guns what they cannot at the ballot box. There are examples. It is political.

The Supreme Court's 2008 Heller decision loosened gun laws and made the American shooting gallery possible. The Court ignored the first few words of the Second Amendment: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state..."

Violence works. It produces a culture of fear. It has dramatically reduced access to abortion. It has limited speech. Its wide use has led to militarization of the police and to drastic shrinking of civil liberties. It is why we are on a fast path to a police state. It is the technique minority ideologues can take political power. That's why it is a natural strategy for religious fundamentalists to gain control. It's why Republicans love guns.

Although Sens. Murphy and Blumenthal are fighting for reform, there is paralysis at the federal level. Thank the Connecticut legislature and Gov. Malloy for passing a comprehensive gun violence prevention law. We owe it to the Sandy Hook families and all the other victims of violence.

Public safety should trump gun rights.

- - -

Considering Newtown, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Tuscon (Gabby Giffords), and widespread mayhem on American streets, politicians should pass sensible gun control laws.

Sign the petition to urge Congress to pass sensible gun legislation.

As of 3/30/2013, here are the petition signatures. that you can download and deliver to your representatives.

It's not too late to get even more signatures: let your people know.

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Right Wing Violence is very real and very dangerous.

Alan Zaleski


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