“We’ve had bad presidents before but we’ve never had a goddamn fool” Gore Vidal
"Under George W. Bush, American government is dominated by corporate power to an extent unprecedented since the Gilded Age, when the sugar, oil, steel, and railroad trusts owned government officials and traded them like commodities." Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Crimes Against Nature pg 195.

"If the president has commander-in-chief power to commit torture, he has the power to commit genocide, to sanction slavery, to promote apartheid, to license summary execution" Harold Koh, dean of Yale Law School.

"Legally, there are no significant differences between the investor fraud perpetrated by Enron CEO Ken Lay and the prewar intelligence fraud perpetrated by George W. Bush. Both involved persons in authority who used half-truths and recklessly false statements to manipulate people who trusted them. There is, however, a practical difference: The presidential fraud is wider in scope and far graver in its consequences than the Enron fraud. Yet thus far the public seems paralyzed." Elizabeth de la Vega

They were wrong about Afghanistan. They were wrong about Iraq. They were wrong about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. They were wrong about what the U.S. military was capable of doing. The country imploded economically while they were at the helm. Geopolitically speaking, they headed the car of state for the nearest cliff. If fact, when it comes to pure wrongness, what weren't they wrong about ?" From the United States of Fear: Tom Englehardt

...the Bush administration’s contempt of the rule of law lays out most of the high crimes and misdemeanors ... The hypocrisy of US “support” for the United Nations. The “marketing” of the Iraq invasion. The unending conflation of Iraq and 9/11. The torture memos. Guantanamo. Extraordinary renditions. National Security Letters. The “disappeared” in CIA “black sites.” The euphemisms – i.e. “enhanced interrogation” – used to sanitize repeated US violations of the Geneva Conventions. The warrantless surveillance programs. The roundup and detention of foreigners suspected of being of Middle Eastern descent. The overhyped press conference trumpeting the arrests of “the worst of the worst” – later set free, deported or charged with far less egregious crimes. And the complicity of the president’s lawyers in finding “legal justifications” to condone the uncondonable, to ignore the separation of powers, and to promulgate the notion of a “unitary executive.”... It is now time for us to demand truth, justice and accountability from the Cowboy Republicans. (From a review of Cowboy Republic by Marjorie Cohn

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Republican partisans on the Supreme Court, backed by the corporate elite, were responsible for (s)electing Bush. The Bush years were disastrous for the US on almost every criteria. Thomas Frank wrote about it in his book: The Wrecking Crew.

Russ Baker in his book, "Family of Secrets", asks...how is it that W , who had an unimpressive record of accomplishment, became President ? Like other books that do not reflect the official story, Baker's book got scathing reviews, but his notes are extensive and his publisher is first class.

Bush was not particularly well qualified to be President. He is not a very good speaker, has little interest in policy, had travelled little, had almost no military experience, and had a mediocre record in the private sector. As the son of a former President who was the head of the CIA, his placement in office not only created massive conflicts of interest (see the Carlyle Group), but allowed Bush the younger to shroud his father's records in secrecy. His record as President is the worst ever...until Donald Trump

Bush Sr as a former head of the CIA was accomplished in techniques for winning elections, and of course had major connections to the oil industry and US military/industrial/media complex. The Bush family, as Kevin Phillips writes at length, has a tradition of putting its own interests first.

Bush Jrs selection highlighted long-standing corruption in US elections and a partisan Supreme Court. Election problems were widely reported in the foreign press. The Congress gave the illusion of action by passing the HAVA, but it did little to actually clean up or improve elections.

Corporate media ,especially Fox News, cheerled these things and they were rewarded when Michael Powell pushed for still more media concentration. According to former CIA Director William Colby: "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." For whatever reason media never held Bush or the Republicans accountable for their horrendous failures. Remember how Reagan was Teflon-man ? Fox News was complicit in spreading the lie that Iraq was complicit with the attacks of 9/11 .

Bush reliably favored the corporate interest over everyone else's. Actually, the dictionary definition of fascism is control of government by corporations. We've got that. Bush populated US government with corporate cronies who were determined to enrich themselves at the expense of most everybody else. It appears that none of the US agencies serve the people any longer. It is no surprise that the US is rapidly being deindustrialized as jobs continue to hemorrhage to low-wage countries. As corporations shed employee benefits, risk has been shifted to families, and everyone is more insecure. The weapons industry appears to be the employer of last resort for Americans, and automatically that translates to a takeover by the military-industrial complex. (Ike warned us about that, but media memory is very short or very selective.) James Risen in his book, Pay Any Price, points out that war profiteers are too big to fail.

Regulatory agencies became captives of their industries. This is obvious from the drug industry, meat packing, media, environment and others. See pollution notes.

Under Bush, US leadership was incompetent, illiterate, self-serving, and criminal. Bush did not listen to people who disagree with him, so we were condemned to bad decisions at the highest levels of our government. Nixon era, Iran-Contra felons were brought back, Enron refugees installed, right wing incompetents like Rumsfeld brought us massively expensive, morally repugnant, bad decisions. Secrecy covered most of it so Congress could do no oversight. Instead, we got an imperial Presidency and a pretext for empire.

When Bush Jr took office, there was a real danger that peace would break out. Bush was determined, according to Paul O'Neill and the Downing Street memo, to invade Iraq from the moment he took office. Francis Boyle writes in his book "Destroying World Order- U.S. Imperialism in the Middle East Before and After September 11. "It is now a matter of public record that immediately after being inaugurated as president in January 2001, George Bush, Jr., Vice-President Dick Cheney, Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld, and his pro-Israeli 'Neoconservative' Deputy Paul Wolfowitz began to plot, plan, scheme, and conspire to wage a war of aggression against Iraq," Boyle writes. "Later, they manipulated the tragic events of September 11 in order to provide a pretext for doing so. The fact that Iraq had nothing at all to do with September 11 or supporting Al-Qaeda - as the CIA itself advised - made no difference to Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, their Undersecretary of War Douglas Feith, Undersecretary of State John Bolton, and the numerous other pro-Israeli Neo-Cons inhabiting the Bush, Jr. administration." The Downing Street Memo demonstrated an intent to manipulate 'intelligence' to go to war, the Bush agenda was enabled by 9/11, and Bush claimed "war powers" to justify an imperial presidency.

Bush was also responsible for the universal surveillance being carried out to this day that allows the NSA to sweep up all electronic messsaging. The Constitution has been shredded.

In the 1970's Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz made the case for a Soviet Union that was ten feet tall and resulted in the Reagan's trillion dollar arms bill. They duped us again. They twisted 'intelligence' to make a case for war in Iraq and enriched themselves and their cronies in the process. The War on Iraq was kept off the books, while Social Security was assessed as a financial problem. Bush tax cuts were regressive and provided little economic stimulus. As a result we have come closer to an aristocracy. It is one of the hallmarks of a banana republic that while taxpayers accumulate massive debt, an elite group enrich themselves. Again, as in the Reagan years, they cooked the books to disguise the mountain of debt that has all but bankrupted the US.

After 9/11 and a still unresolved anthrax attack struck fear into the hearts of Americans, made it the pretext for endless war, Republicans pushed through the Patriot Act, an assault on the Bill of Rights. Contrary to the Constitution, W took it upon himself to expand Presidential power, declared himself a war president and argued that he is above the law. A subservient Congress and a packed Supreme Court allowed this to happen, but it is at the expense of Constitutional government. Those checks and balances that we all learned about have been seriously eroded. Like other republics in history, we too are becoming an empire. We will share their fate.

W presided over the most secretive administration in history. A cloud of secrecy was scrupulously kept over the investigation of 9/11, war profiteering, unauthorized surveillance, and the justification for his endless war. Secrecy covered up his unauthorized, illegal surveillance of Americans as well as the torture and rendition committed in US facilities (some secret) around the world. His refusal to join the International Criminal Court is no surprise. The American Bar Association accuses President Bush, of violating both the Constitution and federal law. A President above the law is a dictator, not just an insult to the Constitution.

John Conyers (D., Mich.) released a staggering report with the hard evidence of crimes and abuses committed by President Bush and his administration (breaking 26 specific laws). This report, "The Constitution in Crisis," should provide the raw material for numerous news reports and point reporters toward fertile ground for additional investigations.

As Noam Chomsky points out in his book "Failed States", Bush brought us closer to nuclear and environmental disaster, thumbed his nose at international law, and earned the hostility of most of the world. See the bibliography below or books for more.

According to Seymour Hersh, the US helped plan Israel's invasion of Lebanon as a preliminary step to a possible pre-emptive strike on Iran.

Impeach Bush

Bush committed criminal acts and should be impeached. The Bush Crimes Commission documents the evidence on wars of aggression, detention and torture, destruction of the global environment, sabotage of global health programs, and the abandonment of New Orleans. Twisting 'intelligence', war profiteering, pre-emptive war, and hiding all of these crimes behind a veil of secrecy by making them 'classified' are all high crimes. See this link.

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The Guardian. The Abu Ghraib photographs awakened many in the US to the abuses that lie beneath the rhetoric of the global war on terror but the institutions responsible have not taken the message on board. On the day the Congressional report into 9/11 was published, another document was quietly released - a military report that exonerated the high command for the Abu Ghraib abuses. The implications go beyond Abu Ghraib: without a repudiation of the administration's actions, there will be no remedy for the even more sinister treatment of the unknown number of prisoners not captured on camera - those who have been kidnapped and disappeared by US forces across the world. See this link also.

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Signing the Constitution Away By Eric Alterman 03 May 2006 "Last Sunday, the Boston Globe’s Charlie Savage broke a story that should be shocking to all of us had we not grown inured to the casual contempt toward the Constitution that the Bush administration deems to be its droite d’etat. ...Savage reported that, 'President [sic] Bush has quietly claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws enacted since he took office, asserting that he has the power to set aside any statute passed by Congress when it conflicts with his interpretation of the Constitution.'" AfterDowningStreet.org

The New York Times disclosure of an official National Intelligence Estimate, which states that the Iraq invasion has worsened the global terrorist threat, carries an unspoken subtext - that the Bush administration is either woefully ignorant of how to combat terrorism or finds the terrorist threat a useful tool for managing the American public. http://www.consortiumnews.com/2006/092606a.html

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At the end of this chilling volume Savage offers a concise and powerful conclusion: "The expansive presidential powers claimed and exercised by the Bush-Cheney White House are now an immutable part of American history — not controversies but facts. The importance of such precedents is difficult to overstate. As Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson once warned, any new claim of executive power, once validated into precedent, 'lies about like a loaded weapon ready for the hand of any authority that can bring forward a plausible claim of an urgent need. Every repetition embeds that principle more deeply in our law and thinking and expands it to new purposes.' "Sooner or later, there will always be another urgent need."

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