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Consider This Before You Vote For Republicans.

Larry Lessig's Open Letter to Americans against Citizen's United.

Spyro Gyra
Thursday, July 31, 2014
Harkness Memorial State Park
275 Great Neck Rd, Waterford, CT 06385

Winter Scene, East Lyme

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In the United States, our findings indicate, the majority does not rule -- at least not in the causal sense of actually determining policy outcomes. When a majority of citizens disagrees with economic elites and/or with organized interests, they generally lose. Moreover, because of the strong status quo bias built into the U.S. political system, even when fairly large majorities of Americans favor policy change, they generally do not get it. Gilens and Page



"If you wonder why the United States is the only country in the industrialized world not to have a national health care program, if you're asking why we pay the highest price in the world for prescription drugs, or why we spend more money on the military than the rest of the world combined, you are talking about campaign finance. You are talking about the unbelievable power that big-money interests have over every legislative decision." Senator Bernie Sanders (Vt)