Donald Trump Just Made It Way Easier for Your Financial Adviser to Rip You Off. The fiduciary rule sounds boring, but getting rid of it could cost you big-time. (2/3/2017)

Planning for retirement, your hard-earned nest egg must last for the rest of your life, but your financial professional doesn't have to work on your behalf because the Republican Congress decided that the fiduciary rule is unnecessary.

..."the business press grew too close intellectually to the institutions it covered, became overly preoccupied with what insiders cared about, and placed a high premium on gaining access to power and a low one holding it accountable. It placed too much emphasis on being first by a few hours and not enough on telling stories that otherwise would never be known. In short, mainstream financial journalism drifted from its own investigative traditions." Dean Starkman.

The stock market has boomed under Trump. What happens next might scare you. Larry Summers (1/29/2017)

George Soros calls this ugly market rout a ‘crisis’ (1/7/2016)

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Ron Paul: Questioning Ben Bernanke on monetary policy
The video clip below contains an exchange between Sen. Ron Paul and Ben Bernanke during the latter’s recent testimony to the Joint Economic Committee of Congress.


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