When you turn on your computer, you're making a political statement. If, like most people, your computer boots Microsoft Windows, the statement you're making is that transnational corporations should control access to the most powerful public media that ever existed. New Internationalist Magazine.

WannaCry cyber attack (5/12/2017)

China Bans use of Microsoft's  Windows 8 on Government Computers (5/20/2014)

Gluglug X60 – The Free Software ThinkPad

Anti Computer Hacking Bill Coming to Congress (2/11/2011)

Time To Pull The Plug

Windows XP's Days are Really Numbered Now (2/7/2009)

Buy a printer which does not report your activities to the police.

Have you considered Free Software ?

Public Knowledge

Digital Freedom


Jacob Applebaum (video about an hour... everyone should watch this.)

NSA likely reading windows software on your computer.

Military plans to control the internet

Freedom on the Internet

You are losing your freedom. See this flash presentation:     (other formats are available at

About US communication policy from the Susan Crawford Blog

The Net Censors

About Microsoft Censorship. All you have to do is pay to get your message through.

See other notes on the internet.


About Spam

Software Patents

Public Patent Foundation

End Software Patents

No Software Patents

NoSoftwarePatents campaign

Mueller's Blog on Software Patents

Here's a book on the software patent struggle that you can download for free at


If you add up your cable, phone, cell phone, and internet access bills, you won't believe that communication has gotten much cheaper and faster. Telecomm companies don't want you to know.

"High-speed Internet access is fast becoming a basic public necessity just like water, gas or electricity. But far too many Americans are finding themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide, unable to get connected or afford expensive commercial service. Community Internet is the answer." (from Free Press)

Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports, discusses the issues at and, at the same website find out how Philadelphia is doing it.

Learn about community wifi.

A wireless-sensor network to report pollution and traffic comes to Cambridge, MA.

Download a free book describing how your community can have wireless networking.

Center For Digital Democracy

Consumer Reports has a website about US communications policy. Major media doesn't provide much information for consumers about such things because they are massively conflicted. As Danny Schecter titled his book: "The More You Watch, the Less You Know".

Digital Tipping Point


Technology Review


The Master Algorithm, How the quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World: Pedro Domingos.

Cyberphobia: Identity, Trust, Security, and the Internet: Edward Lucas

Javascript Programming, Pushing the Limits

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